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Long Hair Guinea Pig

The Abyssinian guinea pig comes in a variety of colours and colour combinations, and you can find albino, white, black, abyssinian guinea pigs that stun you, as well as colourful species. If you are fascinated by a really unusual color choice, you might want to choose a reddish Abyssonian Guinea Pig. Abyssinian guinea pig with its coarse - beaded fur, its long, round nose, its short ears and legs and its short nose. Abyssinian guinea pigs enjoy interaction with their humans through handling, care and play. If you own an Abyssinian guinea pig, there are many guinea pig friendly toys that you can combine with access to human friends and family to play with. It is also important that one or more owners are often at home and can play with their guinea pig for some time. The chances of keeping more than one guinea pig are favorable if their social needs are met and they love company. They receive rich rewards in the form of food, water, shelter, medical care, toys and companionship. An important fact is that they are social beings and thrive in groups, so they are great pets. Usually Abyssinians are very social and do not care about being held, cuddled or cuddled, but about their human friends and family. The personality of the Abyssinian guinea pigs also differs from that of other guinea pigs. Those who have visited our Guinea Pig forums also agree that their personality is very lively and stands out from other guinea pig breeds, and is therefore a great pet.

We deals in Abyssinian and Peruvian Guinea Pigs of different colors scheme.

Species Origin Weight Length
Abyssinian Guinea Pig South America 700-1100 gm 6-12 inch
Vitamin C is the best source of Abyssinian Guinea Pig which they get by fresh vegetables like Carrots, Capsicum, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, RomaineLettuce ,Brussels ,Sprouts ,Kale ,Tomatoes ,Green Beans, Zucchini, Chicory, Dandelion Green, Turnip Green, Corn. They Can't produce their own Vitamin C,they need a fresh vegitables diet as mentioned above to fulfill the same.Lack of Vitamin C makes them scurvy.Also Bell peppers,Cilantro,Lettuce provide daily to your Abyssinian Guinea Pigs while other veggies served sparsely over the week. Mix two leafy vegetables with other three veggies makes your Guinea Pig healthy. Recommended to serve at least a small bowl or cup of vegetables to your Abyssinian Guinea Pigs.You can give it in a two-time slots. Their digestive system is very sensitive so whatever rapid changes occurs it disturbs thier diet so makes changes slowly and steady!

5-8 Years