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Micro Squirrel

The African dormouse, also referred to as a micro squirrel, may be a tiny rodent that appears tons sort of a very small squirrel with some mouse features and haired tail. These rodents are native to subtropical and tropical regions of eastern and southern Africa, and they are infrequently found within the exotic pet trade. Dormice are very energetic,small and quick moving animals, making them difficult to handle. they have an outsized enclosure during which they will exercise, also as a varied diet.Overall, they're fairly difficult to worry for and need a knowledgable and dedicated owner.

We deals in African Pygmy Squirrel that is also known as Micro Squirrel which is a species of rodent in the family Sciuridae.

Species Origin Weight Length
Micro Squirrel Southern and Eastern Africa 18-30 gm 9 cm (with a bushy tail at approximately 7cm)
In the wild, dormice eat a varied diet that has nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetation, bird eggs, and insects. an honest variety seems to be the key to keeping dormice in captivity. the most a part of your dormouse's diet should be a nut and seed mix, like those made for hamsters and other small rodents. To supplement that, provide fresh fruits daily, like pieces of apple, banana, and tomato. And offer protein sources, like hard-boiled eggs, feeder insects (e.g. mealworms and crickets), and cooked chicken.

4-6 Years