Roborovski Dwarf Hamster sale price in india

Russian and Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Russian Dwarf Hamsters are energetic and athletic hamster's that attracts everyone.Russian hamsters are tiny round-bodied hamsters that makes them lovingly. They're one amongst the quickest hamsters, typical to hold them. within the wild, they dig deep burrows, and they cover themselves with wool and grasses to stay heat in winter. Russian Dwarf Hamster are differ from their other cousins,they prefer to live in small groups instead of living alone.They are docile and easy to handle as well as they entertain alot as they tunnel and romp around in thier compound.

We deals in Russian Dwarf Hamsters in different color patterns like Black, White, Bluish, Wild, Grey, etc.

Russian Dwarf Hamsters develop to three to four inches (8-10 cm).

Species Weight Length
Russian Dwarf Hamster 30-45 gm 8-10 cm
Hamsters are omnivores provide a cup or bowl of fresh vegetables and fruits to give them a shot of vitamins.Avoid high-sugar fruits or honey it makes your hamster unhealthy and diabetic. Always provide fresh water to your hamster it makes them refresh and healthy.

2-3 Years