Albino Hedgehog sale price in india

African Hedgehog

Hedgehogs ar short mammals with short legs, cute cone face and bodies have strip with porcupine-like quills. Despite their same appearances, porcupines and hedgehogs are not closely connected.

Unlike porcupines, hedgehog quills are not simply detached from their bodies, in keeping with Animal Planet. Hedgehog quills ar created of ceratin, terribly kind of like human nails. in keeping with the African life Foundation (AWF), a hedgehog will have as several six thousand quills on its body.

When in peril , the hedgehog rolls into a ball so as that the quills cowl the full space of their exposed body and protects the animal from predators, in keeping with National Geographic. Once they are throughout a ball, they have to remain still. it is a story that they're going to roll whereas curled into a ball.

Hedgehogs comes in 92 color varieties divided equally among White-Bellied and Algerian color classes, plus the Pinto pattern and Albino. We deals in Hedgehog pets of different colors scheme like SALT & PEPPER, CINNAMON, ALBINO, etc.

Species Origin Weight Length
Hedgehog Europe and Africa 350-450 gm 5-8 inch
Hedgehogs ar named for the manner they eat, in keeping with National Geographic. They root beneath hedges and different vegetation, creating snorting noises type of a hog. throughout this activity, they notice meals of fruit, fungi, centipedes, insects, snails, worms, mice, frogs, eggs, birds, frogs, reptiles, roots and snakes. in keeping with the AWF, hedgehogs will eat common fraction of their body weights in exactly one night.

4-6 Years