Mongolian Gerbils sale price in india


Gerbils are so much more active than hamsters, and they can be much more interesting to watch. While a hamster sleeps all day, barely visible, a gerbil will be out and about, digging and exploring, playing and playing. A healthy gerbil cannot walk around, but during the day it is expected to sleep. Mongolian Germans are active, which fits well with the daily routine of a child due to their high level of activity.

Gerbils also like plenty of space in their habitat, such as under the bed, on the floor, in the cage or on the cage. Gerbils need solid surfaces and wheels for their toys, including chewing toys, so use your imagination when equipping their habitat.

The wild-type gerbil body is mentioned as "agouti" color; every hair is banded with gray, yellowish, and black, with off-white hair on the belly.. In contrast to a mouse or hamster, gerbils can regularly be seen sitting up on their rear legs.

We deals in Gerbil of different colors scheme like Black, Albino, Ash, Brown, Bluish, etc.

Species Origin Weight Length
Hedgehog Mongolia 50-60 gm 5.9-7.9 inch
Gerbils like fruits and vegetables, so a tannin blend will provide them with a good staple. They like almost all fruits, although they do not eat citrus fruits if they are too acidic. Most of their food should consist of pre-prepared germ pellets containing vitamins and minerals specially adapted to the germ's needs. It is recommended that they eat at least 1 / 2 cup of fruit per day and no more than 2 cups of vegetables per week.

3-4 Years