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Syrian Long Hair Hamster

The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is the most popular choice for small pets due to its docile and lonely nature and its ability to listen to the sounds of other animals such as dogs, cats, birds and even birds. The Syrian hamster breed is bred for most of the popular pet owners in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of Europe. The head has huge cheek pouches that open like lips and reach up to the shoulders, and like other hamsters it has stocky legs. The tail is stubborn and can be white or pink, but it is usually white, although it can also be black, red or even blue.

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The golden hamster is a small rodent that normally weighs no more than 100 grams and has a body length of 18 cm. The female is usually larger than the male, with a head and body size of about 20 cm and an average body weight of about 30 grams.

Species Weight Length
Male Syrian Hamster 100 gm 18 cm
Female Syrian Hamster 30 gm 20 cm
Golden Hamster's like to eat nuts,grains and seeds,fruits , vegetables such as apples,broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and pears.Hardboiled egg or feeder insect gives them extra protein shot. Always provide fresh fruits or vegetables in the cup or bowl for your hamster and change food after 24 hours. Hamster always store foods in their cheek pouches and put it somewhere and reuse it.Your Hamster during growth period may wake up few times a day and then go back to sleep. Always provide fresh water to your hamster.You can use shallow dish for water until your hamster learn how to drink water from water bottle.

2-3 Years